Gender is the line of action that promotes gender equality for:
• bring girls closer to STEM studies in order to attract more women in the study paths of Politecnico
• provide students with a welcoming environment that supports them during their studies
• accompany doctoral students and researchers in their professional career with support and training so that they can also become role models for the students of the future
• open a space for sharing and dialogue with stakeholders to improve equal opportunities inside and outside the university

The Politecnico di Milano is an associate member of VALORE D.


Multiculturality is the line of action that promotes the integration of different cultures, nations and religions.
The university offers dedicated support to foreign people who come to study and work at Politecnico di Milano:
welcome week: a week to welcome international freshmen and tell them about Politecnico and the Italian system in a clear way.
buddy project: a project that combines an Italian student with an international student to accompany him and help him in his first months of life at Politecnico
support services for international visiting professors and their accompanying family members

At Politecnico di Milano there are student associations of international students.


Disability is the strategic line that enhances initiatives and services for people with disabilities and DSA.


LGBT+ is the line of action that aims to promote the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the life of the university.
For the third consecutive year, Politecnico di Milano has decided to offer patronage to the PRIDE MILANO event. The Politecnico di Milano promotes the activities of POLIEDRO Student Association.

Politecnico is a member of the Association PARKS- Liberi e Uguali.


Wellbeing is the strategic line that tells the actions in favor of the psychological well-being of students and employees of Politecnico.